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Our Premium Vendors

These are our people. We have learned from, grown with, and know the quality of these vendors. We check to make sure you are getting the safest, best quality products. We try to go above and beyond for our customers and we expect our vendors to do the same with their products that we bring to you. 

Extrax Hemp

Extrax is known for their amazing collaborations and always being one step ahead on what is new and hot. If you’re a fan of fun and adventure, then Extrax has got you covered.

Enjoy Hemp

Rest,relax,sleep,pain,even sexy time. Enjoy Hemp covers it all. If you need help with something, Enjoy has a product for that.

URB Lifted Made

Another big name brand. Fun,new,and exciting are just a few words to describe URB. Plus it’s all wrapped up in a sophisticated package.

Dry Creek

One of our amazing local vendors. Dry Creek’s high quality products are on par with some of the biggest names in the hemp business. They take a natural, healing approach with all of their products.

Gratitude Farms

Do you trust your priest? Of course you do! As so you can have complete trust in Gratitude Farms. Owned and operated by Father Kent, right here in Alabama the beautiful. 

Hometown Hero

Two friends started this cannabusiness with one thought in mind. They wanted to help our veterans, our Hometown Heroes. All of their products are made in small batches and are tested 6 times from seed to sell.

Xite/Patsy's Candies

Ok. First and foremost these guys are candy makers and chocolatiers. Their family has over 100 years in the chocolate making business. Yes. That is why their hemp edibles taste amazing.

Charlotte's Web

You know their name and their story. It all started when 7 brothers decided to help one little girl, Charlotte. They are the originators and the gold standard for CBD products. 

Tillman's Tranquils/Mints

Little known fact, CBD negates the effects of too much THC. Tillman’s knew this though and so started making their perfect little mints. They have branched out with other formulations, but every mint is still the perfect little dose.

Weatherford 1814

Weatherford 1814 is a unique hemp business right in the heart of Birmingham,Al. They make some of the most unique hand crafted products out there. They believe in using the best ingredients to make the best product.


So, this is one of our newest vendors. They are outside of the box thinkers. Would you expect anything less from the creators of the first Amanita Mushroom vape?

Puro Cannagars

This company has been known for quality products way before hemp was legalized. They were known for their premium, hand rolled cigars. So, if you’re feeling a little sophisticated, try one of their rose canatellas.


One of the first to market with Delta 8 gummies. They now have a wide variety of cannabinoids and flavors for their gummies. High quality and trusted. Moonwalker will safely send you into orbit.


Foria is a women’s owned business. Their hemp products are created for women by women. Oh,and ladies, there is no pink tax on these products

Willie's Remedy/Willie Nelson

Come on, guys! This is Willie Nelson’s own brand. Who else would you trust to know quality hemp better?

Secret Nature

Their discreet black and gold packaging along with their premium hemp products makes Secret Nature the brand for those with discerning taste. They are the crème de la crème.


Talk about innovation. Cannadips knew one of the fastest, best ways to absorb hemp into your body was sublingual. To help with this they created their patented little hemp delivery pouch. Better known as Cannadips.

CBDistillery/CBD Movement

From Seed to Sell. CBDistillery handles every aspect of their hemp products. So, you are assured top notch quality. They believe everyone can achieve a more balanced wellness with hemp at an affordable cost. This is why they created the #CBDMovement.

Vance Global Hemp

Love smoking hemp but hate all the work you have to put into it? Well, Vance Global has you covered. Their hemp cigarrettes come in a convenient little pack, all ready to smoke.

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