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Puro 2pk Cannagars

Puro 2pk Cannagars

Available in 3 Varieties

Puro x Runtz THCo/HHCo 2pk Caviar Cones

-White Runtz

-Runtz OG

-Pink Runtz

Puro Kings Delta8 2pk Pre-Rolls

-Uplifting Green Crack

-Uplifting Blue Dream

-Uplifting Mimosa

-Uplifting Pineapple Express

-Relaxing Girl Scout Cookies

-Relaxing Strawberry Cough

-Relaxing Gelato

-Relaxing OG Kush

Puro HHC 2pk Pre-Rolls

-Uplifting Grape Jelly

-Uplifting Lychee

-Uplifting Sour Apple

-Uplifting Peaches n Cream

-Relaxing Melona

-Relaxing Sweet Strawberry

-Relaxing Banana Candy

-Juicy Watermelon

    PriceFrom $12.00
    Excluding Sales Tax
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