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Meet Your Cannabinoids

Ever heard you are what you eat? Well, you kinda are. The food you eat fuels your body, gives it energy. Cannabinoids fuel your body as well. They fuel the ECS. So, shouldn’t you know which cannabinoids do what? Let us introduce you. Meet your cannabinoids.


Mother of all Cannabinoids. Has the most effective and wide range of health benefits including Bacterial infection, Anxiety, Depression, Bladder Dysfunction, Muscle Tension, Neuropathy, Pain, Inflammation, Skin Disorders, Strengthening Bones, IBS, Glaucoma, Nerve cell damage and inhibits cancer cell growth.


 Most well known hemp cannabinoid. Wide range of health benefits including Anxiety, pain, Insomnia, Inflammation and Seizures.


Known as the “sleepy cannabinoid”. When combined with a small amount of THC it can make you sleepy. Also works as an antibacterial agent, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotectant, appetite stimulant and Glaucoma.


These are unprocessed cannabinoids. They are where all other cannabinoids are derived from. Many studies have shown they potentially have great health benefits. Including blocking 80% of the receptors on a cellular level that covid enters your body. Other possible health benefits includes Nausea, pain, inflammation, Cardiovascular, Metabolic Disorders and Colon Cancer.


Used as an appetite suppressant and energy booster. Amplifies the effects of intoxicating cannabinoids. Also helps with diabetes, panic attacks, Alzheimer’s and stimulates bone growth.


Bonds with vanilloid receptors and boosts the effects of other cannabinoids. Helps with Pain, inflammation, neuroprotectant, alleviates hyperactive symptoms and is a great anti-depressant.

Delta 9 THC

The most commonly known form of THC. It is found in both Marijuana and Hemp plants. It has both medicinal and recreational use.

Delta 8 THC

This cannabinoid is a derivative of CBD. In other words, it is like a middle man between Delta 9 THC and CBD. May give you Euphoric, happiness, sedation and more.

Delta 10 THC

This cannabinoid has sativa leaning properties. Will give levels of creativity, alertness and energy. It is great for those with low tolerance levels and those new to hemp.


HHC has no double carbon bond like other THC producing  cannabinoids. Some effects include calming, energy, pain relief and gentle psychoactive effects.


Similar effects as HHC but can be up to 1.5x more potent than HHC. It also creates a more Indica heavy experience.


HHCp is very similar to it’s THC counterpart THCp. However it has a longer carbon side chain, meaning it’s effects will last longer.


THCo is an isolate. It does not have any flavonoids or terpenes. So, THCo by itself cannot be strain specific. It creates more of a cerebral euphoria similar to milder hallucinogenics. 

THCp (Delta9p)

THCp has a very strong euphoric feel with amplified effects on the body.


THCh has similar effects as Delta 9 & Delta 8 but has a longer carbon side chain, creating a longer lasting euphoric effect. It also has mood elevation properties.


THCjd  is one of the longest side chains, making it’s euphoric effects last longer then most. Other possible benefits include appetite stimulant, Sleep, inflammation, Nausea, PTSD and MS.


HXC produces euphoric effects with some mental cloudiness similar to Delta 9 THC.


HXCp is more potent than regular HXC but it’s effects aren’t as long lasting. 

Delta 6 THC

This cannabinoid offers a euphoric psychoactive high, but milder with an energetic buzz.

Delta 11 THC

This cannabinoid provides a more intense euphoric effect with strong effects on th brain and body. 


THCb has milder effects than Delta 9, but has a stronger mental then body effect. 


Similar to THC but with a more potent energetic and uplifting feel.


Similar to THCo in chemical composition. Potency is unknown but could potentially be 3x stronger than THC.


Fully hydrogenated form of CBD. Uplifting yet relaxing mood elevating properties. Effects more similar to nicotine or caffeine than THC.


THCa is the acidic base form of THC. On it’s own, it is non-psychoactive. However, when it is decarbed it turns into THC.


This is a mix of 3 different Delta 8 THC ester. They are fast acting and help other cannabinoids have greater impact.


These are the cannabinoids that our bodies create when we consume Delta 8, 9 & 11 THC. With the respective THC cannabinoids already broken down. This allows our body to absorb more. Creating a more potent effect.

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