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Here you will find all you need to know about all of our promotional contests for our customers. As some of you already know, we love having fun. especially around holidays. So make sure to check back here. You never know what might come next.


So many of our customers, at both locations, have expressed their desire for one stop shopping for their smoking accessory needs. We may not have the biggest inventory of accessories, but we can assure you that all of our items were handpicked with quality and price in mind.


It's football in the South. There is no better time of the year. Don't you just love a good football party? Why not step up your GAME-day refreshments with a trip to The Humble Hemp Shack?

The New Gadsden Flower Cave

Build it, and they will come...and y'all sure did!
Some of our original, loyal customers, in
Gadsden, were a little envious of the Trussville location's Flower Cave. So....we created y'all a Flower Cave too!

Duck, Duck, Jeep!

We are very happy Jeep owners that love this little game amongst fellow Jeep owners. So, why not combine two of our passions? Our Jeep and our shops. Fellow Jeep owners, be on the look out to see if you get Ducked by The Humble Hemp Shack. ( There may be a little surprise with your duck)


Introducing the newest addition to the Shack Family

Sebastion Isaiah Kayel Dodd

Born July 25th @ 8:43pm

Weight- 8lbs 3oz

Height- 20.5"


After last year’s debacle with Waldo, we decided the best way to keep an eye on him was to hire him as a stock boy. He did so well we decided to hire his brother Wally for our Trussville location. Unfortunately, with 420 approaching, the shenanigans are beginning again. Please help us find BOTH Waldo and Wally. 

There will be a reward for each of their returns. Clues will be posted beginning 4/17 on our Facebook page @TheHHShack, our 2 Google location pages and on our website   

Reward for each location will be a swag bag worth $420. It will include hemp products and $150 cash.

All Hidden items will be in a public place OUTDOORS. Objects will be in a SAFE place available 24 hours. Please respect property when searching. 





Waldo didn’t show up for work today. He was last seen leaving his apartment complex, Summer Water, at 4:20 a.m.


BREAKING NEWS! We received a tip from an employee at a local donut shop. She said Waldo was pressing his face to their window until they opened. Then purchased 2 dozen donuts before leaving. 


THIS JUST IN! Waldo was seen harassing a waitress for chicken wings to go with his donuts. The waitress stated, he then ran out without paying his bill. 


LATEST NEWS! A local jogger stated he spotted the 4.20 inch man while jogging the trails behind The Venue. Waldo was sleeping on a bench, mumbling “ Gotta stock the hemp”.

WALDO HAS BEEN FOUND!! More details soon!




Wally was last seen leaving his job at The Humble Hemp Shack in Trussville. He said he had a hot night out planned with food, shopping, and fun.


A local restaurant reported that Wally was harassing customers, asking all of the men if they were Jim or Nick. Also, he apparently loved the biscuits because he stole on from every table he stopped at.


Update…A trail of biscuit crumbs led to a local super store shopping facility. Wally left in disgust due to his concerns over the store putting a target on their dog. He said he was going straight to the top to have some fun and try to forget about their animal cruelty.


Live report! A local trampoline park reported that they had to force Wally to leave after banning him for knocking small children down while jumping. They didn’t think he meant any harm, he was just excited. As he was leaving, Wally said he was so embarrassed he was going to hide under a rock.

Wally has been found in Trussville! Congratulations to our big winner of our 420 basket.

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