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Here you will find all you need to know about all of our promotional contests for our customers. As some of you already know, we love having fun. especially around holidays. So make sure to check back here. You never know what might come next.



Each week we will give a Clue every day, until prize is found. The first 3 weeks you have a chance of winning a $100 Visa Gift Card. The 4th week (the week starting 12/18) if you find the Golden Ticket you win the Grand Prize of a $250 Visa Gift Card. There will be a Trussville & Gadsden Golden Ticket.


Clues & Results will be posted on our Facebook page @TheHHShack and on our Website


All Hidden items will be in a public place OUTDOORS in Etowah County. This year Trussville's Golden Ticket will be within 5 miles of the store. Objects will be in a SAFE place available 24 hours. Please respect property when searching. 


Once found, please redeem your prize at The Humble Hemp Shack.

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"Oh, dear! Look at the time! We're going to be late!"

" Can you believe this, Santa? What is up with these Hemp Shack people always having weird characters around?"

" Who you calling weird, Wonka?"

" You again, Grinch?!? Go find your heart!"

" Ho,ho,ho. Boys! We have a job to do, and I believe our new furry, white friend just took off with the Everlasting Gobstopper."

" See? Weird! I guess we follow the White Rabbit. He better not have any more weird friends."

Santa, Wonka, and the Grinch set off after the White Rabbit. Heading North down Rainbow Drive. They never saw the smile behind them fading into thin air.


"Look, Santa! He's headed up the ramp!"

" Thanks, Wonka. Course correction, heading East. Ho, Ho, Whoaaa...."

" What? Forget how to drive your sleigh, old man?"

" Stuff it, Grinch! But why did the sleigh almost just crash, Santa?"

" I don't know, Willy, but everything seems ok now. Let's find the White Rabbit."


" Santa, there he is, and take a Gander at the fellow he is talking to." 

Santa lands the sleigh next to The White Rabbit and a man wearing an interesting hat.

" Drop the gobstopper, fluff butt!"

" Calm down, Grinch. I'm trying to figure out what the guy with the snazzy hat is saying."

Wonka walks over to the hat wearing man. 

The man was muttering to himself.

"We're to late, late, late. Oh, what a dire fate, fate, fate. Why, just a few months ago there were so many wonderful costumes and HATS, oh so many HATS here!"

"Yep, he's crazy." Grinch smirked

"Oh no, dear fellow, but I am quite mad!"


Congratulations to Michael Podgorny 

Get ready for a new hunt starting early next week.




Wonka and Santa are talking to the strange fellow.

" Hey, guys! While y'all are talking to Mad Hatboy, Fluff-butt just took off with another gobstopper."

" Ho, Ho, Ho! Thank you, Grinch. Did you see which way he went?"

" Yeah. He hopped towards the interstate saying something about the next town over."

Wonka, Santa, and Grinch climbed into the sleigh.

" Pardon me", said the man in the hat, " but you must see the unseen and go to the place that is no longer there if you want to find the White Rabbit."

"Uh...thanks Hatboy? To the highway, Santa. I think it's going to be a 🎶 Highway to Hell ! "🎶


" Santa! Watch out! Pull over there. It seems a little calmer." 

" Thanks, Wonka. I'm not sure why a place that is supposed to be a "stop" has so many large moving vehicles."

Grinch starts singing under his breath " I love you, you love..."

" What's that Grinch?"

"Nothing, Wonka. Just wondering which way we go from here."

Out of the thin air, they hear a voice. " Well, some go this way, and some go that way. But as for me, myself, personally, I would go left when leaving here."

Slowly, a very large grin, fades into a very large cat sitting on the back of the sleigh.


"Ho,Ho,Ho...ok Mr. uh...Cat? Where should we go after turning left?"

"It's Cheshire, sir. I am THE Cheshire Cat."

" Well, isn't this marvelous! A cat that fades in and out of reality! You must come back to my chocolate factory so I can experiment....umm..get to know you better."

"Wonka, Santa! Are we really going to listen to this...this CAT!?!"

" Only a few find the way, some don't recognize it when they do - some... don't ever want to. If you want to, I would say go where Nivens, that is the white rabbit's name, will be searching for treats to change his size."

With that Cheshire Cat slowly faded to just his grin.


Santa, Wonka, Grinch, and their new "friend with a grin" have again found the White Rabbit and landed.

"Hello. Hello. HELLO...!"

" Would you please stop shouting, Grinch?!? You have been doing that for hours! I told you those speakers only work if someone is in there to respond. Let's go see what Santa is talking about with that rabbit and little girl."

" But, Wonka, I wanted one of those ice cream milk shake like things!"

" I've told you! There is no one here to make one, Grinch!" Wonka walked away to join Santa and his curious group.

Santa was talking to Nivens, that IS his name you know, and a little blonde haired girl.


Congratulations to Christal Gray. 

Get ready for a new hunt starting early next week.




Clue #1

" We're going to be late! We're going to be late! Come, Alice, we must make haste! We need to find the sign that matches this everlasting treat. Then go a little further to find our seat." and with that Alice shrunk small enough to hop in the White Rabbit's pocket, and they were gone. 

" Oh, great! Here we go again!" said the Grinch

" At least we don't have to get back on the interstate this time. Right, Santa?"

"Ho, Ho, it seems, Wonka"

" Yeah...not like we haven't tried that crap before." grumbled Grinch.


Santa, Wonka, and Grinch have taken off after the White Rabbit, yet again.

" What was White Rabbit saying before he took off again? Maybe it can help us find him this time."

" Who knows, Wonka! That whole bunch is nutty!" replied Grinch

" Oh, I am finding them quite delightful, Grinch. I do believe he said something about a sign the color of the gobstopper, then going past it. So...maybe a Rainbow colored sign?"

" Ho, Ho, Ho....maybe he meant that big Rainbow swirled thing there?"

" I think you're right, Santa! We are on the right track. Keep going past it!" exclaimed Wonka


" Oh, look! Another way for these Hemp Shack people to spread their craziness around ! Radio, internet, newspaper, and now this! Do they really think everyone wants to join in their weirdness? Remind me, why do we help them every year? Just look at all these kooky characters we are chasing around because of THEM! Wait! What that a worm with a hookah? See! See! I told you! Crazy!"

"Are you quite through, Grinch? Your rants are becoming tedious. Also, I think that is a caterpillar, not a worm." replied Wonka

" I agree with Wonka. If you are quite through, Mr. Grinch, I think we should land and investigate. "


Santa, Wonka, and Grinch land behind a small building to find that the White Rabbit was indeed talking to a Caterpillar with hookah.

"Woah....a flying sleigh...I could have used that on my trip to The Humble Hemp Shack. I've been trying to get there since they opened nearly 5 years ago. Thought I was finally there when I saw that." the Caterpillar said while pointing up. 

" Five years! Why so long?" asked Wonka

" Me and my Bestie" patting his hookah " are a little slow moving. We like this spot, though. We stopped for some fish, then got all of my feet done, and Besties bowl cleaned, at that salon for besties. Now we are thinking about going across the road there to take a nap in one of those little houses. "


Congratulations to Taylor Baty. 

Get ready for the Grand Prize Golden Ticket starting early next week.



" Ho! Ho! Ho! I just heard from the owners of The Humble Hemp Shack. Apparently Nivens didn't just take the gobstoppers but he also took TWO golden tickets. He was seen giving one of the golden tickets to two fellows that look alike. It was reported that they were heading to the other location in Trussville. The owners are going to keep us updated. "

" What! We have to find two golden tickets now? Why does Fluff Butt keep doing this?!?" screamed Grinch.

" He is only trying to help hide them from the Queen of Hearts. I do believe the second ticket is a way to throw her off the trail." This came from the grin that slowly turned into the Cheshire Cat.

" You again!?! I thought we lost you! Well, which way now, Cat? " grumbled Grinch

" Not all who wander are lost. However, I would Drive on this road until it intersects with another. Nivens does like a Rainbow. "



" You know, I find this all very fascinating, but even I am getting a little tired. Plus, I miss my Oompa Loompas." 

" Yeah. I could be in Whoville eating Christmas cookies with Cindy-Lou."

"Come now boys! We are almost finished. This is the last week before Christmas! I say we go left at this intersection and make our way towards The Humble Hemp Shack." replied Santa to Wonka and Grinch. 

" Timber!" the Cheshire Cat appeared with a yell.

"Stop doing that!" a startled Grinch yelped.

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

"Great! More riddles! You're crazy!"

" I am not crazy; my reality is just different than yours."



Ho! Ho! Ho! I just heard from the owners of The Humble Hemp Shack. Apparently Nivens didn't just take the gobstoppers but he also took TWO golden tickets. He was seen giving one of the golden tickets to two fellows that look alike. It was reported that they were heading to the other location in Trussville. The owners are going to keep us updated. "

While Santa and friends are on the hunt in Gadsden there are two unruly fellows in Trussville running around with the second Golden Ticket. The owners have decided they will post a second $250 cash prize for the recovery of this ticket as well. The following is a report from Dormouse who is hiding in one of the fellow's pocket.

Tweedledee & Tweedledum

" If we get caught by the Queen of Hearts, it will be off with our heads!"

" Contrariwise, if we go somewhere that makes her happy, it may not be off with our heads. That's logic."

" Yes, brother! I agree! She does like all things Royal."


This is the latest intel from Dormouse. He is afraid the brothers have gotten off track, and have forgotten they are supposed to be hiding the Golden Ticket from the Queen of Hearts. He hopes someone else will find it first and turn it in to The Humble Hemp Shack.

Tweedledee & Tweedledum

" They say this is what magic people drink. So, if I drink my drink, I should be magical." Dee

" I agree brother, but I think it's MY drink and I should drink it." Dum

" So, that's it. We must battle for it." Dee with a sigh

" I suppose so." replied Dum " We must prepare to battle."


Dormouse reports that Tweedledee and Tweedledum ran around preparing for battle. 

During their frenzied preparations, jumping over benches and bushes, the Golden Ticket got loose and fluttered away. This frightened the brothers, this is the conversation that followed.

Tweedledee & Tweedledum

" Brother, we have lost the ticket. It could be off with our heads! We must find it!" Dum

"Yes,yes, brother. I agree..." Dee

"I know what you're thinking about, but it isn't so nohow." Dum

" Contrariwise, if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic." Dee

" Yes, brother, you are right. Maybe we should just leave." Dum

" Yes! We should go in there. I bet they have a book with our favorite poem." Dee

" Well, they should. It says right there, they have a million." Dum




So many of our customers, at both locations, have expressed their desire for one stop shopping for their smoking accessory needs. We may not have the biggest inventory of accessories, but we can assure you that all of our items were handpicked with quality and price in mind.


It's football in the South. There is no better time of the year. Don't you just love a good football party? Why not step up your GAME-day refreshments with a trip to The Humble Hemp Shack?

The New Gadsden Flower Cave

Build it, and they will come...and y'all sure did!
Some of our original, loyal customers, in
Gadsden, were a little envious of the Trussville location's Flower Cave. So....we created y'all a Flower Cave too!

Duck, Duck, Jeep!

We are very happy Jeep owners that love this little game amongst fellow Jeep owners. So, why not combine two of our passions? Our Jeep and our shops. Fellow Jeep owners, be on the look out to see if you get Ducked by The Humble Hemp Shack. ( There may be a little surprise with your duck)


Introducing the newest addition to the Shack Family

Sebastion Isaiah Kayel Dodd

Born July 25th @ 8:43pm

Weight- 8lbs 3oz

Height- 20.5"


After last year’s debacle with Waldo, we decided the best way to keep an eye on him was to hire him as a stock boy. He did so well we decided to hire his brother Wally for our Trussville location. Unfortunately, with 420 approaching, the shenanigans are beginning again. Please help us find BOTH Waldo and Wally. 

There will be a reward for each of their returns. Clues will be posted beginning 4/17 on our Facebook page @TheHHShack, our 2 Google location pages and on our website   

Reward for each location will be a swag bag worth $420. It will include hemp products and $150 cash.

All Hidden items will be in a public place OUTDOORS. Objects will be in a SAFE place available 24 hours. Please respect property when searching. 





Waldo didn’t show up for work today. He was last seen leaving his apartment complex, Summer Water, at 4:20 a.m.


BREAKING NEWS! We received a tip from an employee at a local donut shop. She said Waldo was pressing his face to their window until they opened. Then purchased 2 dozen donuts before leaving. 


THIS JUST IN! Waldo was seen harassing a waitress for chicken wings to go with his donuts. The waitress stated, he then ran out without paying his bill. 


LATEST NEWS! A local jogger stated he spotted the 4.20 inch man while jogging the trails behind The Venue. Waldo was sleeping on a bench, mumbling “ Gotta stock the hemp”.

WALDO HAS BEEN FOUND!! More details soon!




Wally was last seen leaving his job at The Humble Hemp Shack in Trussville. He said he had a hot night out planned with food, shopping, and fun.


A local restaurant reported that Wally was harassing customers, asking all of the men if they were Jim or Nick. Also, he apparently loved the biscuits because he stole on from every table he stopped at.


Update…A trail of biscuit crumbs led to a local super store shopping facility. Wally left in disgust due to his concerns over the store putting a target on their dog. He said he was going straight to the top to have some fun and try to forget about their animal cruelty.


Live report! A local trampoline park reported that they had to force Wally to leave after banning him for knocking small children down while jumping. They didn’t think he meant any harm, he was just excited. As he was leaving, Wally said he was so embarrassed he was going to hide under a rock.

Wally has been found in Trussville! Congratulations to our big winner of our 420 basket.

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