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Welcome to the Flower Cave

Flower Cave. Just saying it makes us want to smile. If you are like us, you have been in a few beer caves. But a Flower Cave? Oh, boy! Our Flower Cave has all of the newest cannabinoids with a multitude of strains to choose from. If you want flower by the gram, we will take it down and weigh it out for you right there. If you are a little more on the go, we have a great selection of pre-packaged flower as well. Come check out the first Flower Cave in Alabama.




We at The Humble Hemp Shack believe in bringing you the highest quality, freshest products available to us. This is one of the many reasons we partner with our local hemp farms and canna businesses. We have walked their fields and greenhouses, learned and grown with them. We KNOW them and their standards. So, please, let us acquaint you with our local partners. Fresh from the field to you are Dry Creek Wellness, Gratitude Farms, and Weatherford 1814.


UPDATED 09-10-23

(Quantity’s vary. Strains have limited supply)

(sold in 3.5g bags only)


Future Haze- Sativa 40.361% (Out of Stock) 

Soap- Sativa 34%

Cherry AK47- Sativa 35.12%

Ya Hemi- Sativa 39.232%
Queen of the South- Hybrid 31.82%

Pineapple Breeze- Hybrid 39.06% (Out of Stock)

Government Oasis- Hybrid 38.52% (Out of Stock)

Presidential Runtz- Indica 35.02% (Out of Stock)

Peach Ringz- Indica 35.50%

Donnie Burger- Indica 39.97% (Out of Stock)

Black Ice- Indica 32.67%

Gelato 41- Indica 38.34% (Out of Stock)

High Octane- 100% Indica 38% (Out of Stock)



Lemon Cherry Gelato- Sativa 24.314%

Eagle Scout- Sativa 28%

Hawaiian Runtz- Sativa (Purple) 25%



Sherb Crasher- Sativa

Death Star- Indica

Night Runtz- Indica

Indoor Specials$$

Suver Haze- Sativa Grat Farms 26.5%

Grape Kush- Indica Grat Farms 20.31%


Space-Candy- Sativa

Cross Faded- Sativa

Kim K's Butt- Hybrid

NightFire- Indica 

One Night Stand- Indica

Gratitude Farms Premium

Cool Change Sativa D8/THCo (Out of Stock)

Full Moon Lover Sativa D8/THCo (Out of Stock)

Sativa Sunshine Sativa D8

Hot Blonde Hybrid D8

Grape Soda Indica D8

Bull's Eye Indica D8


Super Sour Diesel- Sativa

Golden Goat- Sativa 

NYC Sour Diesel- Sativa 

Sugar Queen- Sativa

Black Jack- Sativa

Maui Wowie- Sativa 

Sour Candy- Sativa 

Peach Goliath- Sativa

Super Lemon Diesel- Sativa 

Frosty Cake- Hybrid

Super CBD- Hybrid  

Girl Scout Cookies- Hybrid 

Gorilla Glue GG4- Hybrid 

White Widow- Hybrid 

ChemDawg- Hybrid 

Godfather- Hybrid 

GobStopper- Hybrid

KLR Cherry Limeade- Hybrid

Bubba Kush- Indica

Northern Lights- Indica

Sky Walker OG- Indica 

Birthday Cake- Indica 

Grape Ape- Indica 

Wedding Cake- Indica

Critical Mass- Indica

Master OG- Indica


Forbidden V- Hybrid


Amnesia Haze- Sativa

Royal Kush- Sativa

Panda Cookies

Sour Electra - Sativa

Green Emeralds- Hybrid

Speed- Hybrid

Afghani Kush- Indica OUT OF STOCK

White Frost Cakes- Indica

Black Diamond- Indica

Legendary OG- Indica

Dutch Passion- Indica

Lemon Octane- Indica


Durban Kush- Sativa

Hercules- Sativa

Lifter- Sativa

Trophy Wife- Hybrid

OG Kush- Hybrid

Cannatonic- Hybrid 

Cherry Lime Runtz- Hybrid

OG Cookies- Indica

Sugar Black Rose- Indica

Northern Lights- Indica

Pre-Packed 3.5g

Secret Dream- Sativa

Citron- Sativa

Wine Widow- Hybrid

Dough Boy- Hybrid

Blood Diamond- Indica


Jack Herer- Sativa

Blood Orange Up- Sativa 

Strawberry Mimosa- Sativa

Cherry Pie- Hybrid

Pre Packed Blends


(Pre-Packed 7g)

Zazaya- Sativa


(Pre-Packed 7g)

Lemonade Kush- Sativa

Delta 8/CBDv

(Pre-Packed 3.5g)

Mango Kush- Indica

Garlic Breath- Indica

Wedding Cake- Indica 

Granddaddy Purp- Indica


(Pre-Packed 3.5g)

Super Sour Diesel- Sativa

Royal OG- Sativa

Platinum Bubba- Hybrid

Lemon Octane- Indica


(Pre-Packed 3.5g)

Lemon Meringue Sativa

Strawberry Lemonade Sativa

Blue Dream Hybrid

Space Candy Hybrid

Rainbow Runtz Indica


(Pre-Packed 1/2 oz)

Malawi Gold- Sativa

Lemon Haze- Sativa

Rainbow Gelato- Hybrid

Strawberry Diesel- Hybrid

Space Candy- Hybrid

Blue Dream- Indica

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